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Posted: December 14, 2020 by CatholicJules in Personal Thoughts & Reflections
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If you are a child of proper upbringing could you ever fathom telling your father or mother as you were growing up, “Why should I listened to you?!” or “Mind your own business! this is my life!” Now all grown up as an adult would you be able to say utter such words? or perhaps you might tone it down as much as possible to simply say something like “Thank you for your love and concern however I will make and live by my own decision in this matter or that one.” Yes we do not in a sense owe our parents our lives but we have to love, honour and respect them nonetheless for they were instruments of God our Father’s grace that we have life. Are we then to question, the Lord our God, the author of life Himself?

If we say that He is truly the Lord of Lords, King of kings in our lives? How so? If we place ourselves above Him in all that we say and do? Family and friends are likely to take priority next then perhaps our careers and so on. When we refuse to pray, listen to His Word or Will for us? When we neglect the community and exclude ourselves from anything spiritual after all that is reserve only for an hour on Sundays. Even then we are relieved that we can just sit back, relax and watch an online mass while fiddling on our mobile phones or walking in and out of the rooms to take stuff we urgently need in that hour! How different are we from the chief priests and elders who rejected the authority of Jesus? They were so blind that they only recognised themselves as Authority figures for others.

So sisters and brothers we can choose to submit to the Authority and Will of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and be a source of Blessings for all, as the Spirit of God dwells within us to lead and guide us. Or we can choose to remain where we are stubbornly, holding on the believe that we are in control, in charge and make decisions that lead us and others further from the truth, peace and joy to be found in Jesus.

I submit my intellect and my Will to You my Lord and my God! Let me be consecrated fully unto thee. Amen

First reading Numbers 24:2-7,15-17

The oracles of Balaam

Raising his eyes Balaam saw Israel, encamped by tribes; the spirit of God came on him and he declaimed his poem. He said:
‘The oracle of Balaam son of Beor,
the oracle of the man with far-seeing eyes,
the oracle of one who hears the word of God.
He sees what Shaddai makes him see,
receives the divine answer, and his eyes are opened.
How fair are your tents, O Jacob!
How fair your dwellings, Israel!
Like valleys that stretch afar,
like gardens by the banks of a river,
like aloes planted by the Lord,
like cedars beside the waters!
A hero arises from their stock,
he reigns over countless peoples.
His king is greater than Agag,
his majesty is exalted.’
Then Balaam declaimed his poem again. He said:
‘The oracle of Balaam son of Beor,
the oracle of the man with far-seeing eyes,
the oracle of one who hears the word of God,
of one who knows the knowledge of the Most High.
He sees what Shaddai makes him see,
receives the divine answer, and his eyes are opened.
I see him – but not in the present,
I behold him – but not close at hand:
a star from Jacob takes the leadership,
a sceptre arises from Israel.’

Matthew 21:23-27

‘I will not tell you my authority for acting like this’
Jesus had gone into the Temple and was teaching, when the chief priests and the elders of the people came to him and said, ‘What authority have you for acting like this? And who gave you this authority?’ ‘And I’ replied Jesus ‘will ask you a question, only one; if you tell me the answer to it, I will then tell you my authority for acting like this. John’s baptism: where did it come from: heaven or man?’ And they argued it out this way among themselves, ‘If we say from heaven, he will retort, “Then why did you refuse to believe him?”; but if we say from man, we have the people to fear, for they all hold that John was a prophet.’ So their reply to Jesus was, ‘We do not know.’ And he retorted, ‘Nor will I tell you my authority for acting like this.’

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