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Jesus You are my Lord of Lords, King of Kings!


My family, decisions, plans and all, must take first priority.
My business is my business, decisions, plans, I run it as I see fit.
A full hour is set aside for You on Sundays Lord, the rest is ‘me time’ ok? OK.
I won’t trouble You with my travel and leisure plans afterall I have to make my own decisions no? Yes!
There’s more… But after all else…

Jesus You are my Lord of Lords, King of Kings!

Unless we submit ourselves to the full authority of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ we have not truly lived! For He is the source of all life! Disconnected from the vine, the branches no matter how rich and plump will ever eventually whither and die. Many however still think or even believe that coming under the lordship of Jesus we become His slaves with no free will, and so they are fearful. How far from the truth! We are not slaves but are in actual fact, sons and daughters of God our Father fully alive and free. For through Jesus His Son, our sins are forgiven. Through His mercy and love, He bestows His healing grace upon us. Through Him we have life to the full. Serving Him and our brethren brings us great joy, love and peace.

And so sisters and brothers let us cry out to our Lord and God…..

Jesus You are my Lord of Lords, King of Kings! And I submit myself to Your Holy Will. Amen

First reading

1 Samuel 8:4-7,10-22 ·

The people of Israel demand a king

All the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah. ‘Look,’ they said to him ‘you are old, and your sons do not follow your ways. So give us a king to rule over us, like the other nations.’ It displeased Samuel that they should say, ‘Let us have a king to rule us’, so he prayed to the Lord. But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for it is not you they have rejected; they have rejected me from ruling over them.’

All that the Lord had said Samuel repeated to the people who were asking him for a king. He said, ‘These will be the rights of the king who is to reign over you. He will take your sons and assign them to his chariotry and cavalry, and they will run in front of his chariot. He will use them as leaders of a thousand and leaders of fifty; he will make them plough his ploughland and harvest his harvest and make his weapons of war and the gear for his chariots. He will also take your daughters as perfumers, cooks and bakers. He will take the best of your fields, of your vineyards and olive groves and give them to his officials. He will tithe your crops and vineyards to provide for his eunuchs and his officials. He will take the best of your manservants and maidservants, of your cattle and your donkeys, and make them work for him. He will tithe your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. When that day comes, you will cry out on account of the king you have chosen for yourselves, but on that day God will not answer you.’

The people refused to listen to the words of Samuel. They said, ‘No! We want a king, so that we in our turn can be like the other nations; our king shall rule us and be our leader and fight our battles.’ Samuel listened to all that the people had to say and repeated it in the ears of the Lord. The Lord then said to Samuel, ‘Obey their voice and give them a king.’


Mark 2:1-12

The Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins

When Jesus returned to Capernaum, word went round that he was back; and so many people collected that there was no room left, even in front of the door. He was preaching the word to them when some people came bringing him a paralytic carried by four men, but as the crowd made it impossible to get the man to him, they stripped the roof over the place where Jesus was; and when they had made an opening, they lowered the stretcher on which the paralytic lay. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralytic, ‘My child, your sins are forgiven.’ Now some scribes were sitting there, and they thought to themselves, ‘How can this man talk like that? He is blaspheming. Who can forgive sins but God?’ Jesus, inwardly aware that this was what they were thinking, said to them, ‘Why do you have these thoughts in your hearts? Which of these is easier: to say to the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven” or to say, “Get up, pick up your stretcher and walk”? But to prove to you that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins,’ – he turned to the paralytic – ‘I order you: get up, pick up your stretcher, and go off home.’ And the man got up, picked up his stretcher at once and walked out in front of everyone, so that they were all astounded and praised God saying, ‘We have never seen anything like this.’

On Today’s Gospel

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How many this day will offer up their children to God for priesthood or the religious life? And really encourage and nurture them such that they are able to respond to the call. Fully aware that it is a sacred call to be set apart for such service and a great blessing for all! Nay most are primarily concerned that their family name continues and who it is that will, or rather must care for them in their old age. And if not for these reasons they feel they know what is best for their own children and that there will always be someone else better suited for this calling. Really? What if everyone thought this way? The real question we should be asking is, whose authority is it that we all come under? Who is it that should decide what is best for us? Do we actually mean what we pray…. Thy kingdom come, thy Will be done!?

Indeed we all have different gifts and talents. Each and everyone of us has a vocation in life to be the best that they can be for the Lord their God and for one another. In order to this, we must carefully discern our Lord’s call for us and we can only do so when we willingly and wholeheartedly subject ourselves to His Holy Will for us.

Here I am Lord, I come to do Your Will. Amen

First reading

1 Samuel 1:9-20
The Lord is mindful of Hannah and she gives birth to Samuel

After they had eaten in the hall, Hannah rose and took her stand before the Lord, while Eli the priest was sitting on his seat by the doorpost of the temple of the Lord. In the bitterness of her soul she prayed to the Lord with many tears and made a vow, saying, ‘O Lord of Hosts! If you will take notice of the distress of your servant, and bear me in mind and not forget your servant and give her a man-child, I will give him to the Lord for the whole of his life and no razor shall ever touch his head.’
While she prayed before the Lord which she did for some time, Eli was watching her mouth, for she was speaking under her breath; her lips were moving but her voice could not be heard. He therefore supposed that she was drunk and said to her, ‘How long are you going to be in this drunken state? Rid yourself of your wine.’ ‘No, my lord,’ Hannah replied ‘I am a woman in great trouble; I have taken neither wine nor strong drink – I was pouring out my soul before the Lord. Do not take your maidservant for a worthless woman; all this time I have been speaking from the depth of my grief and my resentment.’ Then Eli answered her: ‘Go in peace,’ he said ‘and may the God of Israel grant what you have asked of him.’ And she said, ‘May your maidservant find favour in your sight’; and with that the woman went away; she returned to the hall and ate and was dejected no longer.
They rose early in the morning and worshipped before the Lord and then set out and returned to their home in Ramah. Elkanah had intercourse with Hannah his wife and the Lord was mindful of her. She conceived and gave birth to a son, and called him Samuel ‘since’ she said ‘I asked the Lord for him.’


Mark 1:21-28
Unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority

Jesus and his disciples went as far as Capernaum, and as soon as the sabbath came he went to the synagogue and began to teach. And his teaching made a deep impression on them because, unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority.
In their synagogue just then there was a man possessed by an unclean spirit and it shouted, ‘What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God.’ But Jesus said sharply, ‘Be quiet! Come out of him!’ And the unclean spirit threw the man into convulsions and with a loud cry went out of him. The people were so astonished that they started asking each other what it all meant. ‘Here is a teaching that is new’ they said ‘and with authority behind it: he gives orders even to unclean spirits and they obey him.’ And his reputation rapidly spread everywhere, through all the surrounding Galilean countryside.

On Today’s Gospel

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Does the Lord our God need to justify His action or inaction? We are so caught up in the dealings in the secular world that the Lord our God too must be subjected to an audit! Provide justification, timeliness and corrective actions. Really who is subject to the authority of whom?

Our Lord of Lords, King of Kings has indeed come but not to make His dominion felt. In fact He is closest to those who are powerless and not those in power! Those of us who feel powerless in this world know that we have a powerful ally whose power trancends all. We only need to subject ourselves to His authority. Having done so there will be no room for complaints lest we have not fully surrendered to Him. Peace reigns in our hearts as we wait patiently for our Lord to make all things new.

Lord Jesus come reign my heart, now and always. Amen

First Reading

Numbers 24:2-7,15-17 ·
The oracles of Balaam

Raising his eyes Balaam saw Israel, encamped by tribes; the spirit of God came on him and he declaimed his poem. He said:

‘The oracle of Balaam son of Beor, the oracle of the man with far-seeing eyes, the oracle of one who hears the word of God.
He sees what Shaddai makes him see, receives the divine answer, and his eyes are opened.
How fair are your tents, O Jacob!
How fair your dwellings, Israel!
Like valleys that stretch afar,
like gardens by the banks of a river,
like aloes planted by the Lord,
like cedars beside the waters!
A hero arises from their stock,
he reigns over countless peoples.
His king is greater than Agag,
his majesty is exalted.’

Then Balaam declaimed his poem again. He said:

‘The oracle of Balaam son of Beor, the oracle of the man with far-seeing eyes, the oracle of one who hears the word of God, of one who knows the knowledge of the Most High.
He sees what Shaddai makes him see, receives the divine answer, and his eyes are opened.
I see him – but not in the present,
I behold him – but not close at hand:
a star from Jacob takes the leadership,
a sceptre arises from Israel.’


Matthew 21:23-27
‘I will not tell you my authority for acting like this’

Jesus had gone into the Temple and was teaching, when the chief priests and the elders of the people came to him and said, ‘What authority have you for acting like this? And who gave you this authority?’ ‘And I’ replied Jesus ‘will ask you a question, only one; if you tell me the answer to it, I will then tell you my authority for acting like this. John’s baptism: where did it come from: heaven or man?’ And they argued it out this way among themselves, ‘If we say from heaven, he will retort, “Then why did you refuse to believe him?”; but if we say from man, we have the people to fear, for they all hold that John was a prophet.’ So their reply to Jesus was, ‘We do not know.’ And he retorted, ‘Nor will I tell you my authority for acting like this.’

On Today’s Gospel

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Every day we are faced with struggles and new challenges be it at work, home or with our faith. How do we cope? How do we make it through each day? How did we get through the day yesterday? Question really is who is in charge of your life? If you are in charge then yes you are subject to human limitations. But if our Lord is in charge and you subject yourself to His authority without question then you will be amazed at how things work out. How much more gets done in a day and still there is joy in your heart. At the end of the you are granted a peaceful rest.

Therefore we should always begin our awakening with prayer, calling for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. For His counsel throughout the day. We praise and thank God for the new day and the opportunities to glorify Him through the challenges of the day. Through Him and with Him, we will persevere, grow and walk blameless in His sight. We therefore submit ourselves this day and everyday to His Holy Will for us. Amen

First reading

Colossians 1:21-23 ·
God has reconciled you by Christ’s death in his mortal body

Not long ago, you were foreigners and enemies, in the way that you used to think and the evil things that you did; but now he has reconciled you, by his death and in that mortal body. Now you are able to appear before him holy, pure and blameless – as long as you persevere and stand firm on the solid base of the faith, never letting yourselves drift away from the hope promised by the Good News, which you have heard, which has been preached to the whole human race, and of which I, Paul, have become the servant.


Luke 6:1-5
The Son of Man is master of the sabbath

One sabbath Jesus happened to be taking a walk through the cornfields, and his disciples were picking ears of corn, rubbing them in their hands and eating them. Some of the Pharisees said, ‘Why are you doing something that is forbidden on the sabbath day?’ Jesus answered them, ‘So you have not read what David did when he and his followers were hungry how he went into the house of God, took the loaves of offering and ate them and gave them to his followers, loaves which only the priests are allowed to eat?’ And he said to them, ‘The Son of Man is master of the sabbath.’